Moving from Spring to Java EE 6: The Age of Frameworks is Over

There is no arguing the fact that TheServerSide.com has historically been a strong advocate for the work of Rod Johnson and the Spring framework. The J2EE platform had its shortcoming, and Spring quickly became the most prominent and pervasive framework for easily building enterprise-ready applications, while at the same time, helping developers avoid many of the pitfalls of the old enterprise Java platform.

But J2EE represents the past, and Java EE 6 represents the future. Java EE 6 promises us the ability to go beyond frameworks. Frameworks like Spring are really just a bridge between the mistakes of the J2EE past and the success of the Java EE 6 future. Frameworks are out, and extensions to the Java EE 6 platform are in. Now is the time to start looking past Spring, and looking forward to Seam and Weld and CDI technologies.

And to start shifting into a world of extensions, and moving away from frameworks, the first step is porting your Spring applications to a Java EE 6 environment. To do so, a great place to start is by checking out this article from ocpsoft.com about doing a Spring to Java EE migration.

Spring to Java EE – A Migration Experience

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